EEN Network

Eurosportello Veneto is part of the Enterprise Europe Network, commissioned by the General Directorate for Enterprise of the European Commission, in order to provide an integrated service to support small and medium-sized enterprises

State aids

Since 2002 Unioncamere del Veneto published, in collaboration with some lawyers expert in the field, the “Manual for Venetian Chambers of Commerce and controlled institutions”, an important tool to clarify the application of some regulations part of the community regulations about “state subsidies”, specifically addressed to Chamber of Commerce, category Associations and beneficiary companies

APRE Veneto – Sportello regionale

Unioncamere del Veneto manages the APRE VENETO desk which has the aim of promoting the participation of Veneto companies in EU research, development and technological innovation programs. APRE is a private non-profit research organization.

Veneto in cifre

Veneto in cifre, edited by the Studies Centre Unioncamere Veneto, is the space through which the dissemination of statistical data and information on government, territory, economy, public finance and regional society is carried out.

Brussels’ Delegation