The Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network

Veneto Eurosportello is part of the Enterprise Europe Network, commissioned by the General Directorate for Enterprise of the European Commission, in order to provide an integrated service to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), strengthening and improving the services previously offered by the two networks that assisted respectively SMEs and innovation (operating for 20 years – the EICs – and for 10 years – the IRCs).

Within the framework of the “Competitiveness and Innovation Program”, “Enterprise Europe Network” is one of the Commission’s main instruments and the largest network supporting the European SMEs, covering the entire European territory.

The network offers advice, specific services, and personalized assistance: the SME is directed to the most specialized center for its request.

Enterprises have the chance to enhance their knowledge of European and international markets and legislations, to create new opportunities and to expand into new markets, increase the number of clients, improve their position in the market, the competitiveness, and the innovation, and create employment.

The network relies on agencies specialized in information and assistance to companies. The guest structure of Veneto Eurosportello is the Regional Union of the Chambers of Commerce of Veneto.

Veneto Eurosportello to offer its services at a local level collaborates with:

  • The European Commission and other communitarian institutions
  • The over 500 members of the Enterprise Europe Network
  • The Veneto Region
  • The national and regional system of the Chambers of Commerce
  • The Unioncamere del Veneto’s delegation in Brussels
  • APRE (Agency for the Promotion of European Research)
  • The EEN points and the affiliated institutions of their own regional network

Why choose EEN members

  • It is the official network of the European Commission in support of enterprises and innovation.
  • It was specially created to help enterprises to seize opportunities and benefits of the European market and to facilitate technology transfer.
  • It has a wide geographical coverage.
  • It follows a policy of professionalism and quality, thus guaranteeing a service of the highest level.

By contacting their EEN point, SMEs have direct access to the entire network: a simple phone call connects them to 46 countries.

The mission of the Enterprise Europe Network members

  • Assisting enterprises to identify potential business partners, especially in other countries.
  • Helping SMEs to develop new products, to access new markets and to inform about EU activities and opportunities.
  • Providing technical assistance to SMEs on specific issues, such as intellectual property, community standards and legislation,
  • Acting as a two-lane road between European entrepreneurs and decision makers, transferring the needs of each to the other.

Every year the Enterprise European Network

  • answers about 400,000 enterprises’ questions
  • carries out about 50,000 technological audits
  • organizes 4000 local events and workshops on topics of interest to SMEs.
Last modified: 21 March 2024