• The Board, it is the policymaking and controlling body of the Regional Union.
  • The Council, it is the executive body of the Regional Union.
  • The President, Mario Pozza. The President of the Regional Union is the legal representative of the Organization and has the political and institutional representation of the Regional Union and of the regional chamber system, towards the Chambers of Commerce, the public Institutions, the national, regional and local government bodies, the economic categories. He convenes and presides over the Board and the Council.
  • Committee of General Secretaries, it is a technical advisory body of the Regional Union, collaborates with the Organs of the same in the performance of the functions of address and implementation of the powers and functions referred to in Article 2.
  • Board of Auditors, it supervises the observance of the laws in force of the present Statute, it verifies the regular bookkeeping, it reports annually to the Council on the budget, on the final account and on the results of the management.


Last modified: 18 June 2021

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