Coordination of the Chamber Network

Coordination of the Chamber Network

Unioncamere del Veneto, within the framework of the chamber system and respecting the autonomy of the participating Chambers of Commerce, performs functions of support and promotion of the economy, coordinating relations with the Veneto Region and representatives of the Local institutions of Veneto. Its main function is the representation of the general interests of the Chambers of Veneto regarding the Veneto Region and the other institutions and the coordination of the behavior of the Chambers, also promoting the unification of chamber services. The 29 December 1993 law reform n.580/93 by Legislative Decree 25 February 2010 n.23, has assigned to the Unions wider functions in the field of promotion and realization of common services for the exercise in the joined form of activities and services of chamber competence. These tasks are mainly carried out through the coordination of several working groups composed of the Chamber officials that are expert in specific areas of activity, with the aim of facilitating the exchange of knowledge and information, address regulatory and administrative issues, identify common issues and solutions, standardize behavior, plan and implement shared activities.

An important form of coordination carried out by the Union is that of planning for the use of the national equalization fund.

Working groups

The Working Group on Alternative Justice

Regional coordination of women’s entrepreneurship committees

CRS Desks Group

Working group of the superintendency offices

Working group on credit

Technical committee of production districts

Working group for staff

Coordination of studies and statistics offices

Coordination of metric offices

Working group checking products

Working group on annual right

Working Group for conservatives

FILO working group

The innovation working group

Working Group on foreign trade

Equalization Fund Projects

The “Equalization Fund” is a fund managed by National Unioncamere and constituted for a large part with the contribution of all the Chambers of Commerce that pay a share of the annual fee. The objective of the Fund is to make homogeneous throughout the national territory the performance of the functions assigned by the laws of the State to the system of Chambers of Commerce, also through the regional Unions. It also encourages the achievement of better economic and management conditions in Chambers with budgetary rigidities.
This objective is achieved by granting subsidies to the Chambers of Commerce which – in response to a tender – present and implement projects aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their administrative functions.

Last modified: 24 May 2021