Italian Unioncamere

Italian Unioncamere

Unioncamere is the public body that unites and represents institutionally the Italian Chamber System governed by Law 580/’93 reformed in February 2010 with Legislative Decree 23.

Unioncamere draws up program agreements and general agreements with central government administrations and with national or local institutions, promoting and supporting the relations between 

  • Chamber systems, 
  • entrepreneurial organizations 
  • consumer and workers’ associations. 

In order to pursue the above objectives, Unioncamere commissions and manages the Equalization Fund, established to make homogeneous the performance of the functions assigned by the laws of the state to the system of chambers of commerce.

In addition, it provides the Chambers of Commerce and Regional Unions with a consultancy service on the topics of:

  • interpretation of the legislation
  • accounting and finance
  • development of human resources
  • customer relationship management

Unioncamere deals with the Chambers of Commerce and Regional Unions through:

  • the Assembly of Presidents, in which decisions are taken regarding the political guidelines of the interventions of the Chamber.
  • Consult the General Secretaries, through which decisions are made about technical solutions for achieving objectives.
Last modified: 12 May 2021