Trade associations

Trade associations

  • Confindustria Veneto Protocol

As part of its efforts to achieve greater administrative simplification for companies, Unioncamere has signed a protocol with Confindustria Veneto to start a process of collaboration, open also to other associations representing companies, for the realization of awareness and/ or deepening events on the One Office for Productive Activities.

The agreement also extends to other forms of collaboration such as the launch of a constant monitoring of the application of legislation and a common study path, in collaboration with the Region, to homogenize and simplify the forms.

  • Collaboration with Confartigianato Veneto

As part of its study and research activities, Unioncamere collaborates with the Confartigianato del Veneto Studies Office for the analysis and monitoring of the artisan sector (employment, credit, construction, innovation);

  • Collaboration with Confcommercio Veneto (under development)
Last modified: 12 May 2021