Community policies and legislative lobby action at the European Union

Community policies and legislative lobby action at the European Union

For almost thirty years Unioncamere del Veneto has paid particular attention to accompanying the economic and social system of the Region to the knowledge of Community policies through the activity of a dedicated department (Department for Community Policies – Eurosportello) and its representative office in Brussels.

The Union also participates in the European legislative process by supporting the instances of the territory, enterprises, and institutions, thanks to the participation in the Consultations of the European Commission with the elaboration of proposals and working documents also on the basis of the needs detected by the enterprises (European Convention, cohesion policy, trade policy, enlargement, large infrastructures and transport networks).

What is a Consultation?

A European consultation is a tool that gives people who wish to express their opinion on EU policies the opportunity to participate in the European decision-making process by responding to opinion polls related to an area of activity.

Why is it important to participate?

A wide participation in the consultation would highlight the needs of our territory and could better guide the European Commission in the elaboration of legislation.  We kindly ask you to send your comments to, so that Eurosportello Veneto can collect all the contributions coming from the territory, in order to support them in a coordinated way at the competent EU offices and provide feedback to the participants on the results of the consultation.

For further information and to consult the consultation schedule, updated twice a month

Link: Archivio consultazioni

Among the activities of the Brussels Delegation of Unioncamere Veneto is the monitoring of European policies in order to provide information and operational support to our stakeholders in the Veneto region. In this context it was decided to provide a space where we will archive the reports produced by our Delegation, making them available and retrievable at any time. This initiative was created with a view to sharing knowledge and maximizing the dissemination of information work carried out by the Brussels offices.

Last modified: 17 May 2021