Regional economic development award

Regional economic development award

The economic development of the Veneto in recent decades passes through the merits of its companies.

In order to recognize these merits, Unioncamere Veneto has established the “Regional Award for Economic Development” which is awarded to seven companies – one for each province – that have contributed significantly to the acceleration of the process of economic development of the region, with particular regard to depressed areas.

The award is given to the companies that, using technical and scientific means, the rationalization of their structures, the installation of new plants, the absorption of new work units, have achieved significant productive results and social value.

The award ceremony takes place in conjunction with the Spring Assembly of the Unioncamere of Veneto.

Durata:36 mesiInizio: 01.11.18Fine: 31.10.21N. Partner: 102.940.351,30€Contributo FESR:2.499.298,58€

Last modified: 18 May 2021