Network and coordination activities

Network and coordination activities

Unioncamere del Veneto carries out projects and activities to facilitate and accompany Venetian SMEs in the internationalization processes, in coordination with the Venetian and national chamber system, and the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad, and activating alliances with bodies and institutions at regional, national, Communitarian and international level.

The Regional Union coordinates the Venetian chamber system with the aim of:

  • optimizing resources to support internationalization,
  • enhance the Chambers of Commerce for internationalization as a single first stop shop for internationalization, as a strategic reference point for the proximity and knowledge that the CCIAA have of local businesses;
  • coordinating system activities, especially between the provincial and regional levels;
  • harmonize regional initiative activities with internationalization initiatives proposed by National Unioncamere, ICE, Ministries and other national actors.

The Union shall also coordinate the Working Group on Foreign Trade, which meet to harmonize the conduct of the Chambers in the application of customs legislation and that of foreign certification, with the aim of adopting common lines in the procedures for the performance of the practices pertaining to the Foreign Trade Offices (business support services in the field of foreign trade with regard to the guarantee of provenance and conformity of goods in transit from national borders).

Last modified: 17 May 2021