Venetians in the world

Venetians in the world

The Veneto communities that have emigrated abroad have always represented a great value, both economically and in terms of cultural heritage. Since their creation, the various associations representing these communities have carried out a task of assistance and solidarity, which over the years has also developed economic activities and promotion of the region of origin.

As far as the people of Veneto are concerned, there are 13 associations active in the region, more than 400 clubs in the world and 13 Federations in the world to which most of the clubs recognized by the Region belong. The latter, with the law n.2 of January 9, 2003, has formally recognized the associations that operate in favor of emigrants, in Veneto or abroad. These associations, enrolled in three different registers, can have access to regional contributions to develop different initiatives foreseen by the law and to manage them. A representation of the associations and federations is called upon to elaborate the regional policies in favor of the Venetians in the World and the intervention measures to be presented in the annual and triennial programs, through the Consulta, which meets once a year.

The activities carried out by the associations focus on the aggregation and the social, cultural and economic growth of the emigrants, as well as the connection between them and their families. Also fundamental is the diffusion of the history of emigration in order to maintain regional traditions and culture, the updating and diffusion of information, promoting training and cultural exchanges with the Veneto.

In recent years, Unioncamere del Veneto has established a constant and assiduous collaboration with the Region, becoming its main partner for all that concerns information, in-depth analysis of economic issues and the development of relations between the Veneto communities abroad and the regional business system. There are four main actions carried out by Unioncamere in favor of Venetians around the world:

  • To inform, through the sending of newsletters to the regional associations to the Federations abroad, invitations to initiatives of specific interest, the dissemination of information received by the individual associations;
  • To build and animate the network, participating and supporting the Coordination of young Venetians abroad, the work of the Council and organizing meetings with European representatives and institutions;
  • Training, through courses for counselors and managers of the Venetian Federations or through specific courses such as the e-learning course called “E-Youth”, financed by the Region and aimed at providing young people with some tools for the renewal of their associations;
  • Participate in European or national projects, both through technical support and the presentation of project ideas.

It is necessary to maintain the good practices carried out to date and develop new ones, through continuous dialogue and the involvement of new generations.

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Last modified: 20 May 2021