Brussels’ Delegation

Brussels’ Delegation


TheBrussels’ Delegation of The Association of the Veneto Chambers of Commerce was established in 1996 to represent the European interests of the seven Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of the Veneto Region.

The Delegation provides operational support to regional stakeholders and contributes to the internationalization of the regional economy thanks to its influence on the activities of political decision-making, both at local and European level.

The close cooperation between our Delegation and the Veneto Region is enhanced for the fact that both the headquarters share the same premises inBrussels: this has fostered a solid and advantageous relationship which has allowed a harmonious collaboration on activities of common interest.

Furthermore, the European role of Unioncamere Venetoisstrengthened thanks to Eurosportello Veneto, that coordinates Friend Europe, a consortium that operates since January 2008 as part of the EEN – Enterprise Europe Network – co-financed by DG Enterprise and the European Commission. The consortium represents the interests of many enterprises ofVeneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino Alto Adige -South Tyrol.


The role of the Brussels Delegation:

Our main activity is the monitoring of European policies in order to inform our stakeholders about all relevant news. Thanks to this information, the economic operators can identify the most important opportunities and, consequently, choose and develop the best solutions.

TheBrussels delegation interacts directly with the European institutions and other relevant actors established inBrussels. This dialogue at the European level is important to take part in European transnational networks, trying to influence EU policies and gain a voice in the European Union, making sure that Veneto’s voice is heard.

European integration has an increasing impact on local and regional issues. As a consequence, theBrusselsdelegation plays a strategic role gathering and disseminating information.

The Brussels delegation works closely with our head quarters in Venice especially, with the European affairs department – Eurosportello Veneto. They both aim to promote the Veneto Region and its peculiarities among European actors

  We promote lobbying activities by creating dossiers on priority issues, responding to EU consultations and participating in events and conferences. 

Activities and tasks:

Information Desk

  • Monitoring EU initiatives (Grants, Calls for proposal, Seconded National Experts, Consultations)
  • Assistance and support in EU legislative and bureaucratic matters


  • Organization of seminars/workshops on the latest and most relevant EU topics
  • Training for graduates and subscribers


  • Preparation of dossiers on priority issues
  • Coordination between all the representatives of the Veneto Region in the EU Institutions (European Parliament, European Commission, Committee of the Regions and European Economic and Social Committee)
  • Proposals for common strategies in order to enforce the role of the Veneto Region in the EU context
  • Answering European Commission consultations

Technical and Planning Assistance

  • Qualified technical assistance in drafting and submitting EU projects
  • Problem solving
  • Partner research
  • Meetings with EU officials

Veneto Region Promotion

  • Promotion of the Veneto Region and its peculiarities among European actors
  • Diffusion of study papers (e.g. the Veneto Economic Report and the Research Papers on Fiscal Federalism)

Our Premium stakeholders

Among the tasks of the Brussels Delegation there is the coordination of relations and contacts between Venetopublic institutions, local associations and other bodies representing collective interests and the European Union. In order to enforce these activities, dedicated services are offered to the so called Premium Stakeholders. These are social actors who share with us the idea of a “Veneto System” able to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities available inEurope.

The dedicated services offered to our Premium Stakeholders are the following:

  • Institutional and logistic assistance
  • Operational and thematic assistance: partner’s research, project planning, thematic analysis
  • Meeting organization with European institutions
  • Possibility to use ourBrusselspremises for meetings
  • “Taylor-made” services



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