Coordination Policies and Institutional Relations Department

Coordination Policies and Institutional Relations Department

 The Policies Coordination and Institutional Relations Department plays a key institutional and political role in several strategic areas of intervention.

 The Department coordinates the associated Chambers and defines the guidelines that Unioncamere has to follow for planning its activities.

 The Department’s action covers a wide range of activities: Promotion, Communication,  support to SMEs in their internationalization process, management of projects financed by the “Fondo Perequativo” (Equalization Fund), etc..

 Due to its role, Unioncamere deals with key other institutional bodies at a national, regional and European level (international organizations, the European Union, Italian and foreign Ministries, the Veneto Region and other regional governments,  Regional trade associations, Universities, the Italian national  Unioncamere, Eurochambres, etc..).

 Within the framework of the Department, the Study Office carries out researches both on economic and social aspects, surveys on regional enterprises,  analysis and processing of the collected data on which the Study Office draws up periodical publications.

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